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Update: The Replay Gain DSP plugin has been taken down temporarily as it is not compatible with the 2.72 version of Pocket Player. It will be re-released once the next version is available next week.

Pocket Player Plugin Pack Posted July 2006

Today, we posted several plugins for our music player software product Pocket Player. The plugins provide new file format capabilities, support for new Bluetooth controls, button controls and Voice Command support.

  • The Conduits WMP Plugin Adapter allows Pocket Player to 'host' plugins originally designed for Windows Media Player 10. This includes the Bluetooth remote control (AVRCP) support added by the latest Microsoft Bluetooth stack on WM5 devices. It also includes the ability for Pocket Player to be controlled by Microsoft Voice Command.
  • Replay Gain, a common method of volume attenuation, is now supported in Pocket Player. This plugin automatically adjusts the volume of different tracks to suit the user's tastes: each track, or album, can now be listened to at the same volume.
  • Other plugins include: a decoder for Musepack (MPC) files; support for the T-Mobile SDA Music buttons; and a utility for a two-device player / Bluetooth Remote control configuration.

The plugins work with Pocket Player 2.72 for Pocket PC and Smartphone, and are all available from http://www.conduits.com/products/player/plugins.asp.

Conduits would like to extend a warm thank you to the tireless efforts of our intrepid beta testers that made this plugin release possible.


The Conduits Team

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