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Notes From The Inside March 2003

News on Conduits:

A brand new Conduits website has launched! As you navigate, please check out our new Conduits Community forum, mobile-viewing accessibility, downloadable documentation and CAB files now available, a searchable Knowledge Base of website contents and articles, updated product FAQs, bulk purchasing information, and the Conduits Activation Service for our bulk clients!

News on Products:

Pocket Slides 1.72 has been released! New features include: using PowerPoint 97 to convert presentations, converting autoshapes, loading large (over 50 slides) presentations, and loading presentations with large text shapes and notes. Pocket Slides 1.72 now includes a VGA auto-detection engine thus eliminating the hassle of tediously setting up the VGA output options, such as device type and output resolution. Also added is support for the Toshiba e740 VGA Expansion Pack, the HP VGA-Out PC Card (F1252A), the LifeView FlyPresenter-CF, and a user-configurable generic display driver.

Looking Ahead...

A long awaited version of Pocket Player in Q2 of 2003.

TaskSwitcher and Pocket Launcher fans - we have not forgotten you! Stay tuned!

If you would like to see your ideas become part of these updates, please send an email to updates@conduits.com and I will forward them ASAP to the dev team.

And, as always, we welcome your comments. Want a new Pocket PC product? Want a specific product update? Speak up! Email updates@conduits.com and be heard!

All the best,

Carrie Hall

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