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Conduits Technologies, Inc. Announces Pocket Player 3.51 for Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional

Pictured, from left: new album art visualization; browser enhancements including album art and Shuffle All icons; landscape album art display; Smartphone skin display. More screenshots are available at the Pocket Player website.

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, December 12, 2007 -- Conduits Technologies, Inc. announced today the release of Pocket Player 3.51 for Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional devices, and all previous models. Pocket Player aims to satisfy consumers who demand more from a media player on a mobile device. The new version includes new browsing features, a rewrite of the library system, updates to plugins, and many other fixes. Pocket Player for Windows Mobile Standard was recently named the winner in the Audio category at the 2007 Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards.

Pocket Player 3.51 is a maintenance release to Pocket Player 3.5, which was released in October. All known bugs in 3.5 have been fixed, including library-related issues and phone call interaction. Incidences where the library would be slow to load, update, or access have been resolved. Pocket Player will no longer pause playback when a data connection is being established. Memory related problems with the library or reading album art have been fixed. Version 3.51 also adds repeat, shuffle, and pause indicators to the artwork display.


The Pocket Player media browser now sports several enhancements; in addition to browsing by song title, genre, and release date, Pocket Player 3.51 updates the Artist and Album views, and now properly separates "Album Artists" from "Contributing Artists." The Album view also now displays larger thumbnails of cover artwork, which appear alongside album and artist names.

For devices with a touchscreen, simple finger gestures can navigate the browser list. No longer limited to using the scroll bar or the standard press/hold of the directional pad, Pocket Player 3.51 allows the user to drag their finger or stylus on the list to scroll the list up and down. A quick swipe on the list will scroll through the items on screen, with the list continuing to scroll, slowing down until you tap a selection. Dragging left-to-right, akin to turning back a page in a book, will navigate backwards in the browser. A through Z tabs are available on the right side of the screen, to quickly jump down in the list. Alternatively, on non-touchscreen devices with a keyboard (such as the Motorola Q or Samsung BlackJack), the user can type in the first few letters of the item, and it will jump to the item. Version 3.51 improves this interface in several ways, such as allowing a tap to stop the scrolling without also selecting the item.

When appropriate, the browser will include selection choices for "All" (when listing multiple albums by an artist), or "Shuffle All" (when listing multiple tracks for an album). Pocket Player 3.51 can also browse popular MP3 Blogs, such as Stereogum and Said The Gramophone. Featured in the Web Guide, MP3 blogs link to new and upcoming artists, and are a great resource for discovering new music.


The library system for Pocket Player 3.51 has been updated to run smoother on more device configurations. Since version 2.8, Pocket Player has featured a library to manage and browse the media on the device. At the time of its release, multi-gigabyte cards were uncommon. Version 3.5 updated the library system with a fault-tolerant database backend, and is scalable for devices with thousands of tracks. The library can be stored on a memory card and does not need to rescan all the tracks in Pocket Player if the system is reset or if Pocket Player quits unexpectedly. The browser's catalog is automatically updated when files are added or removed; and by adding a memory card, can manage thousands of tracks. Version 3.51 resolves problems from version 3.5 where the library would update slowly under some circumstances.

The new library system also sports extra features. User ratings, from one to five stars, are now supported for tracks. The user can rate tracks, and use Pocket Player's smart playlists to (for example) queue up all noted 4-star tracks. Ratings can be imported from the desktop Windows Media Player using the new WM Adapter plugin (see below).

Play Counts are also supported. Pocket Player keeps track of what items have been played, and can also use this feature in smart playlists to queue up tracks. The user can queue up their "Most Played" favorites, or use this feature with Windows Media Player to sync podcasts to the device, and auto-delete podcasts once finished with them.


The album artwork visualization has been retooled to sport a more attractive interface when in full screen mode. It is adaptable to all devices and display configurations (portrait, square and landscape), and display the cover artwork as well as the current position in the track. The song, artist and album names are prominently displayed, as well as the current user rating of the track.

Pocket Player can check for program or plugin updates from the device directly. By selecting "Update now" in the options, Pocket Player checks the Pocket Player website for new versions of plugins the user has installed, and can download and install them automatically.

The WM Adapter plugin has been updated to reflect the new library functionality of Pocket Player 3.5. The WM Adapter plugin allows the user to utilize ratings and play counts from Windows Media Player, as well as the ability to sync tracks from Windows Media Player on the desktop, and have them appear in Pocket Player with the correct ratings and play counts. Changes to those tags are then synchronized back to the desktop. Supplemental to Pocket Player 3.51, the plugin has also been updated to fix all known problems from the last release, including some instances that affected library performance.

The UPnP plugin has been updated with optimal stability, improved internationalization support, and compatibility with more UPnP servers such as Orb and Windows Media Player 11. When pulling up track listings from UPnP servers, tracks are now properly sorted in the browser.


Pocket Player 3.51 addresses all known and reported problems from version 3.5, and includes several usability enhancements. It includes a faster album art engine, which loads larger art quicker than before and with less memory usage. Pocket Player can now load large album art (over 500x500) without any problems.

Pocket Player now interacts with the phone properly; it will automatically pause playback during a phone call, and unpause and fade in the music after a phone call. Pocket Player 3.51 fixes pause problems with data connections. Previous versions would pause playback when data connections were being established.

The library now reads both Album Artist and standard Artist tags for display in the media browser, and can read multiple artist tags in a media file, which show up in the browser's Contributing Artists listing. The library also dates new content properly, which fixes problems with the "Recently Added" smart playlist.


Pocket Player 3.51 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone is available as a free trial from http://www.conduits.com/products/player/ where the user can download and evaluate both products unabridged for 30 days. More information, including a complete list of skins and features, can also be found at the Conduits website.

For registered users of Pocket Player 2.X and 3.X for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone from September 2005 to present, the upgrade is free.

Upgrades for customers who purchased Pocket Player 1.X and 2.X before September 1st 2005, are priced at $9.95 from http://store.conduits.com/popl2up.html.

Pocket Player is a trademark of Conduits Technologies, Inc.. Microsoft®, Windows® and/or Windows® Media® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Album art generated using images from Openphoto.net. Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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Conduits develops commercial applications for Windows Mobile Standard and Professional, including the award-winning Pocket Player (an easy-to-use, networkable music and video player), Pocket Slides (a fully-featured presentation solution), Pocket Artist (a drawing and image manipulation program) and seven other Windows Mobile products. Recently, four Conduits products were named winners in various categories at the 2007 Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards.

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