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Jason Patterson, Conduits Technologies Inc.
(850) 523-0426
email: patters@conduits.com

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, October 1, 1999 -- Conduits Technologies Inc. 
released Interface 1.0 Beta today for Windows CE Palm-size PCs.  
Interface is a new look and feel for Windows CE devices.

Interface supplements the existing shell services found on Palm-size 
PCs (the desktop, taskbar, and start menu) giving them a fresh new 
look as well as new functionality not found elsewhere.

Interface integrates a one-tap file list explorer into the desktop 
of the P/PC, much like other utilities for the P/PC.  However, 
Interface gets its data off the start menu shortcuts that already 
exist, thereby supplying an alternative to navigating the start 
menu to launch programs.  Interface has the ability to browse other 
directories on the P/PC, and also navigate to your Settings (Control 
Panel) files.

Interface changes the look of the taskbar, painting it black and 
adding features. The system tray (where icons such as desktop 
connection or AC power are placed) is visible, but can be made hidden.  
The icon for the currently running program is shown, along with the 
title of the currently running program (e.g. when running Calendar, 
a Calendar icon shows up and the taskbar is titled 'Calendar').  
A modified SIP icon (Keyboard or inking method, etc) is present as well, 
and the desktop icon has been changed to either a Conduits icon or a 
running clock.

Interface integrates the functionality of a task manager: by swiping up 
on the application title, a list of running tasks (and their icons) is 
present.  In the future, Interface will be fully customizable, 
including the colors and images used.

Interface 1.0 beta is freeware available from the Conduits website 
(http://www.conduits.com/), and will expire on 1 November 1999, at 
which point the final version will be available for an estimated
retail cost of $9.95.  Documentation and a "skin library" will also 
be online at that time.

Conduits develops several other commercial applications for Windows CE, 
including PalmBrowser (an online web browser for P/PC), PalmPlayer (an 
MP3 player for P/PC), TaskSwitcher, and several open source efforts, 
such as CoPilot for Palm-size PCs. 

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies Inc.
CONTACT: Jason Patterson at 850-523-0426 or email patters@conduits.com

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