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Jason Patterson, Conduits Technologies, Inc.
(850) 523-0426
email: patters@conduits.com

Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Artist 1.2 for
Pocket PC

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, April 19, 2000 -- Conduits Technologies, Inc. 
announced today the release of Pocket Artist 1.2 for Pocket PC.
Pocket Artist is a drawing and image manipulation program for 
the Windows powered devices.

Pocket Artist 1.2 provides 24-bit color graphics editing on Windows CE
devices.  The user interface is optimized for small screens while 
retaining a full set of features, including support for digital 
camera users.  Pocket Artist supports opening graphics in a variety 
of formats (JPG, GIF, and BMP), and work may be saved into JPG and 
BMP formats.

This latest release sports an image browser when the user
opens a file.  The image browser helps digital camera users by 
providing thumbnail images of files in a directory, since most 
digital cameras simply enumerate the filenames numerically instead 
of having descriptive titles.  This helps with the opening of 
images into Pocket Artist: the user is presented with a preview 
of the picture.

Pocket Artist 1.2 provides tools such as the texture brush
for advanced drawing.  The texture brush tool loads in any texture 
image, using it to paint on the image.  The texture can also be 
used as a bump map -- for example, a paper texture can be used to 
imitate drawing with a pencil on paper.  The entire document can 
also be filled with such a texture, simulating the look of a paper.

The painting tools can operate in a "sketch mode".  By enabling 
this mode and setting a drawing tool to a low opacity, Pocket 
Artist simulates drawing with a pencil or charcoal.  A stroke 
of the stylus begins light (as normal), however as one draws over 
the same area, the image becomes increasingly darker. The final
result mirrors a pencil shaded canvas.

Other features of Pocket Artist include: selections, zooming, 
anti-aliased text drawing, quick shapes, convolve, flip, rotation, 
image and canvas resizing, over 12 blending modes, undo, screen
capture, desktop settings, blur, emboss, sharpen, and tool opacity.
A recent file list is also available for easy access to works
in progress.
Pocket Artist 1.2 is available as a commercial demo from 
http://www.conduits.com/ce/, where the user can download and evaluate 
it unabridged for 30 days.  Pocket Artist 1.2 is available for an 
introductory price of $49.95. More information, including tutorials, 
an online gallery, and a full list of features, can be found at the 
Pocket Artist website at http://www.conduits.com/ce/artist/.  

Conduits develops several commercial applications for Pocket PC,
including Peacemaker (for infrared business card transfer to other 
devices) and Pocket Player (an MP3 player for Pocket PC).  Conduits 
also has several open source efforts, such as Pocket Flash. 

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies, Inc.
CONTACT: Jason Patterson at 850-523-0426 or email patters@conduits.com

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