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Support Information

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The most current version of Pocket Player is 4.2. Support is done on a limited basis for trial users and full support via email and phone is available to paid customers.

Email support@conduits.com for Pocket Player support.

See the Pocket Player Documentation site for further assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I copy music to my Pocket PC?

    By using ActiveSync, you can copy music to your Pocket PC's internal memory or to an inserted storage card, such as a CompactFlash or SD card. Double-click the ActiveSync icon on your desktop, and then click the Explore button. This will open up a window called "Mobile Device" on your desktop machine (this window can also be accessed under the My Computer folder on your desktop). This represents the files that are on your Pocket PC's internal memory. Double-click "My Pocket PC" and then "Storage Card" (or "Storage Card2" -- if your device has both a CF and an SD slot, and there are two entries in the window, the first is usually your CompactFlash card and the second is your SD card). Now you are browsing the contents of your storage card. Drag files into this window, or create a subfolder from here. Alternatively, use a USB-based card reader to quickly copy large amounts of data to a storage card.

  • Which audio books is Pocket Player compatible with?

    Any audio books that are recorded in the standard WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or WMA formats can be listened to in Pocket Player. Most audio book programs can transfer books to CD, which can then be re-ripped as MP3, WMA, or Ogg Vorbis files.

  • Why aren't my files on the storage card showing up?

    The Pocket PC OS prefers that all documents (including media files) be placed in a "My Documents" folder, either in internal memory or on the storage card itself. If you tap the Open button in Pocket Player, it will only list files that are placed in these folders, and their subfolders.

    However, Pocket Player's built-in Local Content playlist (see the documentation for more information) ignores these restrictions, and tries to find all media that is on your storage card and in internal memory.

    If you would also like the list generated via the Open button to list files that are on a storage card, but not in a "My Documents" folder, there is a Pocket PC trick to do so. Simply put a file named "ignore_my_docs" (without quotes) into the root folder of your storage card. The file can be zero in length, like an empty text file. This will tell the OS to list all the files on your card. Again, however, when using the Local Content (and the Playlist manager) Pocket Player ignores this requirement, and will list all files as needed.

  • See more articles on this topic in the Conduits Knowledge Base.

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