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Pocket Player Reviews
Nov 2006Raising the Bar to a Better Media Player by Doug Goldring, Just Another Mobile Monday (Pocket Player 3.01)
Conduits has raised the bar considerably…and cleared it with ease.

Sep 2006Close to podcast perfection by Jeff Kirvin, Writing on Your Palm (Pocket Player 3.0)
All said, it’s probably worth picking up Pocket Player 3.0 for most of you.

Mar 2006A Player in Your Pocket by Jeff Neithammer, PocketNow.com (Pocket Player 2.72)
I am in love with this program. If you listen to music on a regular basis on your Windows Mobile device, this is easily worth dropping an Andrew Jackson for.

Mar 2004Mission Impossible? by Tim Hillebrand, pocketpcmag.com (Pocket Player 2.5)
My mission, and I chose to accept it, was to use my Pocket PC to keep in touch with the world and to conduct business while on an extended road trip

Oct 2003Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2003 by PocketPCMag.com
Pocket Player wins Best Audio Software Program

Jul 2003Pocket Player v2.1 Review (Spanish) by Ricardo Morales, pocketmexico.com
Conduits Pocket Player 2.1 es un programa que permite reproducir prácticamente cualquier archivo de audio en tu Pocket PC, añadiendo a la vez varias útiles funciones a la reproducción de sonidos.

Jul 2003 Conduits Pocket Player 2 by Scott Logsdon, pocketnow.com
So, what makes Conduits Pocket Player something special? Among its other features, Pocket Player includes visualizations, an equalizer with presets, customizable automatic screen shut-off, auto-detection of all tracks on a PocketPC (not just those in the 'My Documents' folder and including those on a storage card), support for Windows Mobile 2003! All this and its skinnable, too!

Jul 2003Conduits' Pocket Player 2 Review by John Becker, pocketpclouisville.com
Do you listen to music (or any audio) on your Pocket PC? If so, you’ve probably used Windows Media Player in the past. That’s a good program for the basics. However you might want a little more control over your music and audio files. More control?… you ask? Well… that’s where Conduits’ Pocket Player comes in to play.

Jul 2003Pocket Player 2.11 Review by Paul Rowlingson, vnunet.com
Verdict: A nice alternative to Window Media Player at a decent price.

Jul 2003 Pocket Player 2.0 by Jørgen Sundgot, infosyncworld.com (Pocket Player 2.0)
Conduits' Pocket Player 2.0 offers a flurry of features

Jul 2003Pocket Player 2.1 by Ricardo Morales, pocketmexico.com (Pocket Player 2.1)
A 6-page review at a leading Mexican Pocket PC website.

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