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Pocket Player Skins

Skin Directions: Simply download the PSZ file from our website, and save it to your Desktop. Then, use the Explore button in ActiveSync to open up your Pocket PC's storage, and then drag the PSZ file into that window. In Pocket Player, tap Menu > Skins, and select the new skin. Some skins on this website are separately zipped, and the PSZ file must be extracted before copying. To install WSZ skins, follow the same steps.

To Develop / Submit Skins: If you have skins for submission into the gallery, please attach it to an email. Please include what information you would like to be associated with the work (title, name, email, description, etc). See the skin developer documentation for information on how to create skins. The Conduits SkinMaker utility is available in the Pocket Player SDK, and helps with testing skins on your desktop.

Note: Pocket Player also works with any Windows Media Player SKN files, and Winamp "Classic" WSZ skins. Use the following links:

Pocket Player Skins

alphaPod (Black) (Ionized)

alphaPod (White) (Ionized)

Like WMP11 VGA (Jimmer)

SimpliQVGA (Hieu Nguyen)

cTunes (Juni)

PADD (Mark Reddick)

cMini (PaulS)

Iron Curtains (Pasa)

BuzzTunes VGA (Buzzard)

WMP11 176x220 (Ahmad Amarullah)

PhotoCleaner (PhotoCleaner)

Army Of Trolls (Army Of Trolls)

Buzzaio VGA (Buzzard)

Uccoffee Blue Landscape (uccoffee)

Landscape with large font and no buttons

LHStyle (Juni)

Brushed Steel (Conduits)

PADD2 (Mark Reddick)

CD Stand (Pasa)

Silverado (Lightman)

Pocket Player 2.7 (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (LS) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (WM5 SP) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (WM5 SP LS) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (SP) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (Square) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (VGA LS) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.7 (VGA Square) (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.6 (Conduits)

Pocket Player 2.6 (VGA) (Conduits)

Basic Skin (Conduits)

2.6 Big Text (rotated) (Conduits)

2.6 Landscape (rotated) (Conduits)

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