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Timekeeper Reviews
Oct 2003Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2003 by PocketPCMag.com
Timekeeper wins Best Time Utility Software Program

Nov 2001Gupta’s Greats by Nitin Gupta, PocketPCMag.com
This application has very good-looking skins and a very good user interface. The different modes make Timekeeper an incredibly flexible stopwatch for just about any purpose.

Jun 2001Conduits Timekeeper 1.0 by Jason Golden, PocketNow.com (Timekeeper 1)
Timekeeper is a convenient program that can satisfy the taste of simple and complex users all at the same time. I especially enjoyed the program's ability to export data directly to Word or Excel.

Jun 2001Timekeeper v 1.0 by Alan Barlow, FoxPop.ndirect.co.uk (Timekeeper 1)
This program is a good idea coupled to a great piece of programming that combines simplicity of operation with a plethora of features that should keep any user happy. Should you have this application on my Pocket PC? Yes, this is a must have app if ever there was one. 

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