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Support Information

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The most current version of Peacemaker is 1.2.

Email support@conduits.com for Peacemaker support.

To upgrade to newer versions, simply download and install the new trial version and the upgrade will be seamless.

For more information, see the Peacemaker documentation.

For more information on licensing Peacemaker or its technology, contact licensing@conduits.com.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What peer devices are supported?

    All Palm OS® devices and PSION® Revo devices.

    Notes and file beaming is not supported on PSION® devices. The C-Pen from C-Technologies AB is supported. There are reports that the scanning pen from WizCom also works, as well as reports that OSPro beaming works.

    Peacemaker Pro can also beam and receive information to/from infrared-equipped desktop and notebook machines.

  • Why does Peacemaker not work on my Dell Axim Pocket PC? The axim cannot beaming, nor receive, to/from a Palm OS device or IRDA-enabled phone.

    This issue was actually a defect in the Infrared driver of the Dell Axim series devices. Dell has released a fix for this issue, in the form of a downloadable Infrared driver patch. It is available at:


    This will fix all Peacemaker issues on the Dell Axim.

  • The trial version of Peacemaker Pro is only transferring 10 items. Why?

    The trial version of Peacemaker Professional is limited to receiving ten items at a time. After purchasing Peacemaker, it will import all items that are beamed to it. This limitation is in place to provide a demonstration of Peacemaker's capabilities, which is the purpose of the trial version. The ten-item limitation is indicated on the Peacemaker Pro startup screen.

  • I am not able to correctly beam using Peacemaker with my iPAQ 3900 device. Why?

    This issue was actually a defect in the Infrared driver of the iPAQ 39XX series devices. Compaq has issued a fix for this issue, and is downloadable from this location:

    Information regarding the patch (including installation instructions) can be found at:

    This will fix all Peacemaker issues on the iPAQ 39XX series.

  • How does Peacemaker work?

    Peacemaker integrates into the Tools menus of Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar. Tap-and-hold on an item and a menu will pop up with entries enclosed in parentheses (such as "(( Peacemaker ))" or "(( Beam Selected ))") .. these items are how you activate Peacemaker and queue an item for beaming.

    See the full documentation at:

  • Peacemaker is not working correctly between two iPAQs. Why?

    Unfortunately, it seems the occurring error is out of Peacemaker Pro's scope. Peacemaker Pro is a cross-platform beaming utility, to be used for the infrared interaction of Pocket PCs with Palm devices, and vice versa.

    Pocket PC 2002 and Pocket PC devices should certainly support beaming to one another. Perhaps, try starting the Infrared Receive before starting the Beam function. Setting up the beam in that order should work.

  • After transferring my Address Book, my Contacts are listed (and sorted) under their first name, instead of the last name. How can this be fixed?

    Under some situations, Peacemaker imports the contacts and they will show up listed via their first name ("First Last" or "First, Last") instead of being sorted by their last name ("Last, First"). Tapping on the contact reveals that the first and last names are set up correctly, but the contact is simply "mis-filed". We have developed a small utility that will remedy this situation. Download and install this file:


    To your desktop machine. Then double-click the file as you would any normal Pocket PC installer. The setup program will add an icon named "Peacemaker File As Fix" to your Pocket PC Programs screen. Tap it, and it will re-file your contacts properly.

  • See more articles on this topic in the Conduits Knowledge Base.

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