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Peacemaker Reviews
May 2004Peacemaker ist der "Missing Link" by Alex, pocketpc-salzburg.at (Peacemaker 1.2)
(German) A Must Have Tool - 5 out of 5..

Sep 2003Peacemaker Pro 1.2 by Paul Rowlingson, vnunet.com
Verdict: A great application that unites Palm and Pocket PC devices and makes data transfer/migration a breeze.

Jan 2003Pocket PC Award Winners 2002 by PocketPCMag.com
Peacemaker Pro is a Finalist in the Synchonization category under Communication

Aug 2002Fossil Wrist PDA-PC FX2002 by Matthew Miller, Geek.com
Review of Fossil Watch with Peacemaker bundled

Jul 2002 Peacemaker Fossil Edition by Matt Coddington, pocketpclouisville.com (Peacemaker Fossil Edition)
A review of the Fossil Wrist PDA-PC

May 2002A Day in the Life of a Pocket PC-Carrying MD by Nilay Shah, M.D., PocketPCMag.com (Peacemaker 1.2)
Doctor who uses Peacemaker to communicate with Palm devices.

Jan 2002Pocket PC Award Winners 2001 by PocketPCMag.com
Peacemaker wins in the Synchronization category under Communication.

Jul 2001A Pocket Scanner for your Pocket PC by Diane Alicia Dumas, PocketPCMag.com
Peacemaker use in conjunction with the C-Pen.

May 2001My Top 10 Pocket PC Utility Applications by Derek Snyder, PocketPCMag.com
Overall, this is a great application that brings the Palm OS and Pocket PC people to "speaking" terms.

Feb 2001Peacemaker Pro 1.03 by Olle Fjordgren, PocketNow.com (Peacemaker 1.03)
I really like Peacemaker Pro! It has the nostalgic feeling of my old Palm using days but in a nice, modern, glitzy Pocket PC package! 5 out of 5 Pocket PCs!

Oct 2000New Software lets Palm, Microsoft share data by News.com
Conduits' technology exists primarily to capitalize on a recurring nuisance in the high-tech world: incompatibility. Developers of desktop software have to tweak applications and plug-ins so that their products will work efficiently on Windows, the Mac OS and Linux.

Sep 2000Peacemaker freeware edition by Kathy Harris, PocketNow.com
Hey, for free, this software will keep you from getting embarrassed when a palm-users asks to "beam me". I had a lot of fun beaming Palm III and Palm V users in the office. All of us were able to complete beams both ways without hardly any hassle. 4 out of 5 Pocket PCs!

Jul 2000Pocket PC to Palm: Beam! by Joel, Geek.com
When I first saw the Pocket PC being demoed by Microsoft people way back, they were actually showing off a version of Peacemaker. They tried to hide the fact that the Pocket PC doesn't support beaming to a Palm out-of-the-box but were forced to confess when pressure was applied by the audience.

Jul 2000Peacemaker Helps Palm and Pocket PCs Call a Truce by Marc, ThinkMobile.com
It seems strange that a Microsoft product would need this sort of software to be cross-platform compatible. But in the world of handheld devices, Microsoft is in the minority.

May 2000My Top 5 Pocket PC Applications by Richard Kettner, PocketPCMag.com
Peacemaker is a great name selection and an effective description of what the application actually does. Until now, Windows CE units have not been able to communicate via infrared with Palm or Psion devices. In addition, Palm and Psion are unable to communicate with each other. Peacemaker gives Microsoft the compatibility advantage.

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