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Pocket Album - Support

Support Information

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The most current version of Pocket Album is 1.21.

Support is done on a limited basis for trial users and full support via email and phone is available to paid customers.

Email support@conduits.com for Pocket Album support.

See the Pocket Album Documentation site for further assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does PhotoSync work?

    PhotoSync will download an image from that folder to the device every few minutes (or however you have it set in PhotoSync settings).

    They are downloaded to the device's \My Documents\ directory and are named "PhotoSync_1234.jpg" -- where 1234 is an incrementing number (increments with each download).

    If Pocket Album is running and is in SmartAlbum mode, it will loop over all the images on your device, and will actually detect the new images that are getting loaded to your device, which creates a virtual picture frame on your device.

    There should be options if you open up ActiveSync and click Options, then PhotoSync, then click Options again.

    Also, note that it scales the photos down before transferring them, so the resident size of the synced images is under 100K usually. This is only featured in the PhotoSync system and not in the general ActiveSync file copy system. If you are viewing a picture in Pocket Album that is a large JPEG, the command Tools->Resize Image will shrink it down to the device dimensions.

  • See more articles on this topic in the Conduits Knowledge Base.

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