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Pocket Launcher 3.2 organizes applications into tabbed categories and seamlessly integrates with your Pocket PC or Smartphone, providing an enhanced, customizable user interface. Additionally, launch your documents and manage running tasks!

Pocket Launcher integrates a collection of large, icon-based lists of applications that are installed on a device. Icons represent their respective applications, and when tapped once, the application is launched. The list of icon shortcuts and categories is initially taken from your current layout of the Programs screen, and then copied to another place so that Pocket Launcher can use the shortcut.

Pocket Launcher also links a tab to the My Documents folder, providing quick access to your documents from within the program. You can navigate into sub-folders and add tabs that link to any other folder on the device.

    Key Features:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Professional support
  • Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and Smartphone support
  • Use your Today screen as a tab
  • Customizable backgrounds, colors and shadows
  • Link to 'My Documents' to launch files!
  • Start Menu / Programs Menu integration
  • Auto-updates from Start menu
  • Customizable tabs
  • Scroll wheel support
  • Use Keyboard to quickly search for applications
  • 0-9 button launcher on Smartphone
  • Integrated task manager
  • Multi-Panel views
  • Various icon sizes
  • Draggable tabs and icons
  • VGA and landscape support
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