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Pocket Artist - Documentation



Documentation - Introduction

Pocket Artist is a 24-bit graphics editor for Windows CE. Palm-size PCs, Handheld PCs, and Handheld PC Professionals are all supported for CE 2.11 or higher.

Graphics editing and drawing is done at the pixel level, in full 24-bit (RGB) quality, although the visual appearance of the picture may vary depending on the device. PDA's with 16-bit displays will convey much more image quality than those with 8-bit displays. Most CE devices with 8-bit (256-color) displays have 16-bit (65,536 colors) drivers available from the hardware manufacturer. Check with your hardware manufacturer for more details.

Pocket Artist provides many features found in large graphic packages of today, with the constraints of Windows CE devices in mind. The executable space is around 500K, and its program memory requirements depend on the size of the document in question (with not much overhead).

Pocket Artist is distributed as a self-extracting and self-installing EXE. Simply download the EXE to your desktop computer and run it to start the automatic installation to your PDA.

We recommend users to have about 2MB free on their desktop machines and 500K free on their Windows CE devices. After installing, Pocket Artist will add a shortcut to the Start Menu.

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